Dark Sun Setting

This is a campaign set in the Dark Sun world. The game is run over the virtual gaming table, Maptool. The goal of the campaign is to simply have fun, tell stories, and, in traditional D&D fashion, smash things into tiny bits. I feel confident that all three of these can be accomplished.

XP per player



Choker of Eloquence (plus 2)

Gem of Colloquy for Dix
200 GP in rings from
800 GP (200 per player)
550 GP (137.5 per player)
800 GP (200 per player)
6 level item of Merric’s choosing
3 Potions of healing
80gp + 5 survival days
First pick of the Madar family treasure:
Malikai: aegis blade +1 and a armor of aegis expansion +2 of her choice
Merric: Lvl 6 and 3 item of his choice
Filk: Blood Obsidian Longsword and eladrin chainmail of his choice
Dix: Defensive Cloth Armor +1 and a lucky charm of his choice
Rush: +1 fleshgrinder greatsword and 380 gp

One 250 GP bust of Darom Madar, adorned with rare metals and jewels
80 GP
2 survival days for a successful performance at the Silver Spring tavern
40GP for delivering the letter
-2 Survival days (for toramund)
Staff of the adaptable mind for Dix
Ghost strike ki focus for Mad Merric
-150 GP, -3 survival days (elf assassin payoff)
130gp+two fruits of healing
320 gp worth of treasure
1 +1 amulet of health
70 gold

News and Announcements

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

The party lives to fight another encounter! Well played session, everyone. So, just to recap, we won’t be playing next Saturday, but I will go ahead and schedule the Saturday after that for our next game. I will be checking in with everyone next week and making sure that day and time will work with everyone. Good luck Josh and Dane with your travel plans!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another mostly successful session. Despite the fact that the party had a “this sh** just got real!” moment, we were able to push on and win the day. There were no real problems with maptool or connections either, which is a big plus, although I will remember in the future to design my dungeons in a landscape rather than portrait view for my 16:9-ratio-viewing comrades. Thanks to everyone for being able to make time for playing on Wednesday. My next tentative date and time for the next game is Saturday, March 5th, at sometime between 11 and 2 o’clock eastern time. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

We have completed our first successful session with all players in attendance!! It went remarkably well considering our past technical issues running a virtual tabletop game. We only had one bug crop up, which I think may have been a connectivity hang up, with facing constantly changing. We were able to fix that by refreshing the server, and I have made the MapTool developers aware. And the mac mini had a CTD, but it thankfully took an autosave before crashing. I very much enjoyed having Dane join our crew, and look forward to many more a virtual adventure with him.

Thanks to Josh for adding some wiki pages: Player Availability and Maptool Info. The former will be especially useful to me.

I have in the meantime subscribed to an ascendant Obsidian Portal account. The account allows for a 15 day free trial, so I thought I would give it a go. The biggest bonus (aside from using Google analytics), is the incorporation of a player forum into the mix. I have sent emails linking you all to the forum, and I have made some scheduling suggestions for next week. With that, I hope everyone has the MOST AMAZING Presidents day EVAR!!


Friday, February 11th, 2011

I am terrible at basic graphic design. If anyone wants to one-up my hastily ’shopped banner, please do so. The artwork is from Gerald Brom, original artist from the ’90s Dark Sun setting. Enjoy.

Dark Sun

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