Tag: Altaruk


  • The Kank and the Crodlu

    A seedy bar, situated in the adventurers' portion of [[Altaruk]]. The bar is kept in order by [[:argrus | Argrus]], and hosts mostly new adventurers who feel unwelcome in the taverns with a more established clientele.

  • Argrus

    Argrus is the proprietor of [[The Kank and the Crodlu | The Kank and Crodlu]]. He is a surly Half-Giant who always makes sure to prominently display his battle axe whenever he is on the clock, which quickly dissuades any would be bar fighters from at …

  • Rhotan Vor

    Rhotan is one of the representatives who does business for House Wavir. He is currently heading affairs in Altaruk. Rhotan approached the characters in Session 3. Speaking to them in the back room of the [[The Kank and the Crodlu | The Kank and the …