Rhotan Vor


A Balican dwarf. Dresses in fine dwarven regalia (Open tunics, ivory jewelry).


Rhotan is one of the representatives who does business for House Wavir. He is currently heading affairs in Altaruk.

Rhotan approached the characters in Session 3. Speaking to them in the back room of the The Kank and the Crodlu, Rhotan asked the players if they would guard his caravan of three skiffs heading for Silver Spring, then Tyr. He informed them of information he received while in Balic from a drunk man claiming to be a descendant of Darom Madar, leader of the now defunct House Madar, who told Rhotan for 30gp the location of his family’s lost treasure. Rhotan asked the characters to investigate this rumor, and if true, gave them first pick of the treasure and 10% of the loot when they arrived in Tyr.

Rhotan Vor

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