Mad Merric

Crazy halfling monk


Level 1 Halfling Iron Soul Monk

Character sheet


Mad Merric was kidnapped from his verdant home as a child, when a minor noble from Nibenay sent out an expedition party, headed by his son, to collect amusements for his private zoo and circus. When he came of age, he broke free, killing the son in the process. A childhood of being treated like a half-animal jester has left him fairly disturbed, which is easy to see because he wears the ribs of the slain son like wings on his back.

After escaping, he fled to the wild lands where he spent years rebuilding his sanity. A monastic primer stolen from the noble’s library — featuring koans, excercises, and devotional rituals — was his only companion. He has long since surpassed its simple lessons, but still leans on it as an emotional crutch.

Because of his time in servitude, Merric is trained in comedic dance, reading, acrobatics, juggling, tanning, and the mending of small things. In the wilds, he has befriended a nomadic tribe of thri-kreen, learning what he can of their language and customs and trading his skill in the hunt and in tanning for monastic instruction and occasional companionship.

Recently he has begun to desire company that is easier to fathom, and has sought out the party as a means of beginning to re-enter common society. He has not given up his shoes (tanned from the feet of a slain half-giant) or his wings, however. On his worst days, he still wears the face paint of a jester and festoons his wings with dented bells and tattered ribbons. On his best days, he believes he might one day be healed enough to return home.

Mad Merric

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