Dark Sun

Welcome to Athas

Hello adventurers, one and all. Welcome to the obsidian portal page for our upcoming Dark Sun campaign. Here we can view the adventure (web)log, post pertinent information onto the wiki, write about our characters, and take notes for future campaigns.

I just signed up for Obsidian portal today, so I am still figuring it out, but so far the UI looks very intuitive and handy. Using this adventure log, I will assign one player each session to be responsible for taking notes, in whatever way they prefer, of the previous session. That way we will have a record to keep our memories straight, I can be spared those duties, and the player burden will be spread around. Beyond that responsibility, you are free to keep character journals, and I may even use whatever information you add to the game to future sessions!!

Looking forward to some quality gaming with you all. It’s been waaay too long.




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