Dark Sun

Session 5

The session where Matt tries to kill Mad Merric and Dix saves everyone

Personal Log, Dix von Wolfen
Year of Priest’s Defiance, Sun Ascending, Bloom

Begin mental recording session…

My entourage and I finally arrived at Silverspring, though not with almost prematurely ending our current task. Elves of the Swiftfoot tribe in the employ of a human defiler attacked us. Even with my best efforts, the elvish arrows still found their mark, but that could not keep me down for long. Fortunately, the crazed halfling managed to kill the defiler and the minstrel brokered a deal with the elves. My purse is a little lighter for it, annoyingly enough, but sometimes it must be that way. I will enjoy hearing their sweet screams of torment as I crush their minds, if I ever get the chance. Anyway, Rhotan’s caravan is safe and we can continue with our task.

After dealing with middlemen, we were taken to the elf Toramund, leader of the Silverhand tribe. There we discover that they’re related to those that assaulted us. Toramund offered reward for settling the dispute between the two that has developed. He forbade us from killing any, but I look forward to…making them see our point of view. As the meeting moved on, we tried to gather information on the Canyon of Guthay without revealing our true goals. The foolish Genasi tried to spin some tail of finding her lost tribe. She shows great promise on the battlefield, but her anger is unfocused and lacks discipline. The attempt was armature at best and I did what I could to keep things from deteriorating.

By then the minstrel stepped in and tried to add his own strands to the lie being weaved for Toramund. His efforts did help, but Toramund was becoming bored with our prattling. How could they not see we were dealing with an experienced leader? It was obvious that I had to step in and save them from their folly. So I told Toramund the truth that we were searching for the Treasure of House Madar. This brought a laugh from the elf and he requested a story of our travels from the Genasi. After completing the story, Toramund did aid us, drawling a map of the canyon as well as discussing how best to enter the area. So impressed was he that he only charged us a total of two survival days. Though, I got the sense that he saw us as ‘competent fools,’ not the kind of impression I’d would have liked to leave, but hopefully we’ll be able to fix that.

Afterwords, we went to Isann for our reward for delivering the letter. Rhotan expressed his pleasure with our efforts to garner information on the canyon. As night fell, we went to one of the local cantinas, one typically frequented by non-elves. Right off the start, the reckless Genasi angered the bartender, but we’re not thrown out. The minstrel, never missing a chance to show off, proceeds to ridicule the bard currently performing. To his credit, he did upstage the inferior troubadour and performed superbly. I do have the feeling that we’ll see this other bard in the future. I don’t like making enemies, but he’ll either fall, his mind shattered, or he’ll continue his retched existence as my puppet, to be discarded when I have no use for him. The rest of the night was filled with drunken debauchery, and to my surprise, the Genasi did not start a fight. Maybe she’s learning? I doubt it.

The next day we set off for the canyon. Upon arriving, Rhotan informed us it would be too difficult for the rest of the caravan to continue. He gave us three days to find the treasure and return. If not, he’ll assume we meet our end and return to Silversprings, then Tyr. So, we started to search for the most likely cave the treasure could be in. We spend what seemed like ages pouring over Toramund’s map, our knowledge of history and the land. At one point, the rest stopped listening to me. They insisted that I was wrong, ignorant fools. Soon though, all but the mad halfling could feel the presence of magic, which led us to a most promising cave.

Inside, we find an area littered with dead Geth and skeletal bodies. And just like some trite tale told to scare children, the skeletons came to unlife. The halfling charged into battle against some kind of reaver zombie and was promptly terrorized by it. It teleported around and disappeared into black clouds that blocked all sight. Even over the sounds of battle I could hear his screams of pain as the zombie tore him apart. The minstrel, Genasi, and I make quick work of the skeletons. Soon, it is just one skeleton, hardly worth notice, and four zombies.

The minstrel and I were charged by three of the zombies. The one that was insolent enough to attack me felt the fires of my anger. Taking a few more hits the minstrel moved toward the broken and bleeding hafling and used his music laced magic to heal him. Before I knew it, the Genasi was in front of me, challenging the three zombies that surrounded me. I was able to get out of the way and disrupted the rotting undead to make their attacks on the Genasi useless. Just as the halfling recovered, he was struck down by the reaver. Once again, the minstrel managed to revive the halfling, but the reaver was relentless and tore into the halfling again. Someone had to deal with that zombie, so I started to formulate a plan.

The Genasi unleashed her anger and threw a barrage of attacks at the three zombies in front of her, killing one of them. It was time to put my plan into action. I tore into the pitiful minds of the zombies in front of the Genasi. One crumbled, the other was not far off. Then I unleashed my power at the reaver, taking it off guard and started to bore into its mind. I almost didn’t feel the arrow from the last skeleton. It was unimportant, I had the attention of our foe and I was going to destroy it. My enemy came straight at me, but it didn’t matter. I held its existence in my hand, all I had to do was squeeze. The Genasi, done with the other zombies came to help, her blade cutting deep into the reaver. I then sundered the reaver’s mind, ending it forever.

After the battle, the minstrel and the Genasi tended to the halfling. We searched the bodies and found various items from Houses Madar and Tsalaxa. I came across a staff of power among the debris, which should serve me well. Once we were ready, we pressed on deeper into the cave. We came across a set of doors thinly clad in copper. Metal! This must be the right place. Upon opening the doors, we discover a crypt, and the sound of a woman weeping. As we entered, wraiths and ghosts appeared. This was indeed the right place, the remnants of House Madar would not give up their treasures without a fight…


Nice work, Dane.

Session 5

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