Dark Sun

Session 3 (placeholder)


Events that happened in session 3

- The party was met by the Wavir trader Rhotan Vor
- They agreed to go on a mission to both guard his caravan and also to seek out the lost treasure of the Madar family, whom he learned about from a drunkard in Balic
- The plan is to stop in Silver Spring, look for the treasure, and then head for Tyr.
- The party conspired about whether they wanted the whole treasure for themselves.
- The party was confronted by Iseel, who gave them an encrypted message intended for Toramund, the leader of the Silver Hands tribe that runs Silver Spring
- The party also learned about the Crimson Bandits, who hang out at an important oasis in between silver spring and altaruk, who they will be rewarded for if they take care of the problem.
- The party sets out, struggling through the hazards of the desert, but ultimately prevailing on their way to the crimson oasis.
-In order to even the odds, Malik-Kai offers to approach the oasis as a simple traveler to draw out the raiders while the rest of the party snuck up.
- The party as a whole did not succeed at being stealthy, but Merric was at least able to sneak up upon the bandits.
- A vicious battle ensued, encompassing the entire battlefield and almost downing the party, but ultimately the party was able to prevail, taking down raiders one by one, until they fell the leader of the group, and his halfling wilder
- The bandits, knowing they were done for, fought through to the bitter end.



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