Dark Sun

Session 2

Fall of a friend

The drag marks left by the marauders were not difficult to follow. After only a couple of miles, it led to the top of a lonely hill where stood the ruins of an anciet tower. Now just an echo of a long forgotten kingdom, silent tress had toppled the walls no army could. In the center of the ring of stones remained a staircase spiraling into the earth. Kreeping down they came to a rotting wooden door; listening carefully at the door Merric was just able to dectect the faint slithering comeing from the other side. Gathering their courage, they burst through the door. Standing throughout the room they found five silt runners behind several stone sarcophagiand one ssurran that hissed as the door broke inward. In an alcove lay three bound men. The battle was fierce, Merrics fist punishing the reptiles, Dix tormenting their weak minds, and Kiel deftly sliding enemies into Malik-Kai’s magic blade. Sadly, while coming to Dix’s aid, Kiel was struck down with a powerful blow from a silt runner. Struggling against superior numbers, the party was forced back until one of the bound men stood up, having cut himself free with Kiel’s blade. Joining the frey, he helped turn the tide and one by one, the beasts fell, the last fleeing for his life before being hunted down. The battle won and the goods and Rhotan Vor’s favor secured, the group turned their attention to their new associate. Calling himself Filk and claiming to be an information merchant and minstrel, he offered to fill the place of the fallen Kiel. Could he be trusted, though? Only time will tell . . .


Thank you Sean for updating the adventure log!!

Session 2

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