Dark Sun

Session 1

The adventure begins in the inauspicious locale of an adventurer-catering tavern. Fraught by their dwindling money supply and the lack of work, the party drowned their sorrows in kank nectar at their favorite watering hole: The Kank and the Crodlu. There, they listened to Kiel’s attempts to lift up the spirits of the despondent crowd with his lute. Despite the few copper pieces he earned performing, Kiel was able to extract information from Argrus the barkeep that a caravan had indeed come in through the night, which is an unusual move by a house unless they wanted to hide some information. Argrus also relayed his knowledge that the caravan belonged to House Wavir. Satisfied with this knowledge, the party decided to act swiftly.

On the streets of Altaruk, Malik Kai was able to spot an unfamiliar face speaking with a Wavir merchant, properly identified by Dix. The party confronted the two, and after some skilled prodding, was able to convince the Merchant to let them in on the fact that a caravan belonging to Wavir had indeed crossed into town overnight, but one of their wagons laden with precious cargo was not with them. His boss, Rhotan Vor, had received a psionic message from the wagon drivers several days before a nasty sandstorm swept through the region. Knowing that the wagon should not be far away from Altaruk, Vor decided to discretely dispatch adventuring parties connected with House Wavir to locate and retrieve the contents. The merchant decided one extra set of adventurers scouring for the wagon couldn’t hurt, so he offered them a reward of 100 GP from Rhotan (and his good graces) should they locate the wagon and bring back it’s cargo and possibly the crew (in what shape… he didn’t exactly specify).

The party immediately set foot, as they were luckily well suited for just such an opportunity with several days of provisions at hand. With fortune continuing to be on their side, they stumbled upon wagon tracks not obscured by the sandstorm. Following it led to an ambush by silt runners, which the party was able to dispatch rather efficiently. Following that encounter, they continued following the tracks, this time joined by a few silt runner tracks, to the actual wagon. Unfortunately, the wagon had been stripped of almost all of its cargo, save the scraps picked over by a pack of kruthiks. After an enounter involving a botched psychic blast which almost downed the Monk, the party was able to contain the kruthik threat. Although they found no treasure or cargo worth bringing back, they had located the wagon! Following a much more obvious set of webbed tracks led the party to a ruined tower, which will be the subject of next week’s adventure….


70 Gold
1 fruit of healing"


1118 XP (Roleplaying: 100, Silt Runners: 500, Kruthiks: 518)



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